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Little Johnny Goes to Italy


colosseum, Pisa, and il faraglioniTo learn the Italian language is easy with our course “Little Johnny Goes to Italy”. You will learn basic Italian as you learn the Italian culture.  This is the ideal course to learn Italian online.  A trip to Italy in the near future? Be prepared with this popular, user-friendly  program.

“Little Johnny goes to Italy”

Welcome to our popular Program “Little Johnny goes to Italy”, an internet course of “Learning Italian – Level -1″.  Our goal is to introduce the Italian language to pupils from 1st through 12th grade. We also invite adults to take this course and discover how easy it is to become familiar with this fascinating language. If a trip to Italy is in your future, then this is the right place to be.  It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s rewarding. To participate the students follow weekly Lessons.

For adults, repetition is the key, therefore repeat a Lesson several times before going to  next Lesson.


For only a $10 Registration Fee you will receive:

  • 26 Lessons
  • a downloadable workbook with 15 more Lessons
  • 3,000 word Vocabulary
  • audio files to help with pronunciation
  • and learn about italian culture and expressions

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Join the thousands of students who have already taken this course and have made this one of the most popular courses online!….

In some of the Lessons you will follow the adventures of the Amato family with their son “Little Johnny” during their last trip to Italy.

Thank you for participating, and enjoy learning Italian!


Little Johnny went to Italy!

The Amato family left Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday, October 14 of last year.

They went to visit Little Johnny’s grandmother who lives in Naples.

They enjoyed the sunshine, the food, and the attention of friends and relatives.
And they arrived back to Phoenix on November 2nd. After the trip they slept (off and on) for a couple of days because the time is different.

Now they are back to normal, but boy oh boy! They talk about nonna Maria (grandma Mary) all the time, the good food she cooked for them, the places they went to, and the people they saw. Little Johnny says two weeks were too short. Next  time he hopes to stay longer.




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